Welcome to Stephens Creative.

Stephens Creative is a father & son copywriting team with experience ranging from writing manuals for 1980s computer games and high-tech weighing systems to writing fantasy and science fiction novels.

Content for websites, newsletters and white papers are familiar ground.

Our focus is providing writing services to people finding themselves in the position of suddenly needing to create a second or encore career. They are called greyprenurs, digital nomads, grey nomads, and more.

The 21st century has lead to turmoil in employment. Companies are failing, closing, “rightsizing”, downsizing and just plain going offshore. Work goes to countries where workers are happy to earn less. They are trying to feed their families to, but it is costing jobs in more affluent countries, including the US and Australia. The trend is unlikely to change.

People being retrenched are often over 50, and find it difficult to find new jobs. But they often have skills and experience beyond that of those replacing them.

For many, the best option is to start a business.

But how? What do I need? An office full of devices? Can I run a business and make money while travelling around Australia in a caravan? Can I work from home? Can I work from overseas?

The answer to all the above is YES!

This web site intends to provide answers to many questions about tools, computers, marketing, sales and more. We intend to provide as much information as possible free, and pay for the site with added books, seminars, and of course our copywriting services. Copywriting is not free.

Look around, and come back often, because in 2019, we will be adding a lot of new content.

Live and enjoy!